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Jenny and Hannah

Jenny started her career early on while being part of large church and was responsible for coordinating over 100 weddings a year. She was responsible for all aspects of the prenuptial period including: Catering, Scheduling the Ceremony, Receptions, Hair and Make-Up, Music, and Wedding Gown Fittings. She discovered she really enjoyed working one-on-one with brides during the fittings and giving that personal interaction as well as being able to use her creative design skills.

After moving on from this position she gravitated into home decor and design due to her strong creative ambitions. Her strong suits included elegant and beautiful color schemes and how to work them in with the architecture of the home. The combination of creativity and style along with great sense of composition was fulfilling but she missed the human touch of creating styles for individuals to make the bride feel amazing on that special day.

Jenny knew that she would be much happier and more fulfilled by getting back into designing and creating beautiful wedding gowns and dresses and working one-on-one with people. This is where Jenny excels at giving her all to her clients by helping brides find that perfect dress for their wedding day.

Her beautiful and very talented daughter, Hannah, has now come on board and has brought with her even more creative design and style to form a truly dynamic mother and daughter creative force. Hannah, in her own right, is a talented Opera Singer and Runway Model bring both a sense of Class and Artistic Style to the Freedom Brides line. Her taste, style and creative ability enhance what was already a truly exquisite line of wedding gowns and dresses.

Together this mother and daughter team are committed to making sure you have the best of everything needed to get that perfect wedding gown for that perfect day! Style, Creative Design, and complete professionalism is only the beginning of what you can expect from Jenny and Hannah while looking for that perfect gown.

Freedom Brides believe in the true fitting and shopping experience for its customers. Unlike traditional Store Fronts, our services are all inclusive including alterations and additional fittings. Your experience is an all inclusive one including fitting and alteration changes. The one experience we want you to leave with is one of complete satisfactions in service and quality of your Wedding Gown. Not that you have not been left paying 3 times more for accessories and add on charges like most stores do.


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