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Traveling with my husband in Mexico always brought back fond memories of my childhood. As a child, my summers consisted of fun adventures to my parent’s home country of Michoacan. My siblings and I were surrounded with Michoacan culture; our afternoons consisted of indulging in sweet and savory, Mexican artisanal desserts, like handcrafted paletas and delicious ice cream. The sweet aromas and rich flavors I indulged in during my childhood have been unforgettable. Today, I want to pass along those rich flavors of authentic Mexican treats I had the pleasure of savoring in my early years to your family. Join me at Holy Paleta to indulge in these all natural treats the way my siblings and I did in our childhood. With my sweet delicacies you too will be able to relish in the savoriness of my handmade holy paletas without the guilt! Handcrafted with love in Bonita! -Angelica Gonzales, Owner


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