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ICAN INC. was established in March 2018.  The name of the company is taken from “American”.  We started with the name and carried out the American spirit of “where there is a will, there is a way”.  Company’s policy is the coexistence of charity and business.  We are dedicated to build up a system of mutual benefit among people.  We will set up a mutual fund to help our customers and our family consultants to defeat the difficulty if they encounter it.  The company’s predecessor was a design studio founded in 2014. This studio has designed a series of environmentally friendly daily necessities made of Chinese bamboo.  Because bamboo grows fast, and it need only 1 year growth to maturity.  Furthermore, it can regenerate after harvesting.  Therefore, bamboo is a very good replacement of wood to be used as the raw materials of many products, thus protecting the forest as the mother of nature.  Chemical excipients used in the manufacture of traditional products are not added during the manufacture of bamboo products, thus reducing the risk of injury to humans.  Bamboo also has a special substance called “Bamboo-Kum”, which has natural antibacterial function.  In addition, bamboo’s ultra-fine, porous, sugar-free, fat-free structural features also give bamboo fiber products a superior cleaning function.


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