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We are the most established and trusted dental practice, in the South Bay area, having served residents of San Diego, since the late 70s. We are in the 3rd line of ownership, having served 3rd generation of patients, sometimes from the same family. We serve children as well as adults, some of whom might need sedation services and pride ourselves in staying ahead with technology as well as our quality of care. We are a one stop solution for everything from exams and cleanings to cosmetic makeovers and full mouth rehabilitation which means that you do not have to visit multiple specialists/offices, to address your dental needs.

We strive to provide optimal care, regardless of what your insurance covers. We have placed 1000s of implants, over the last 15 years, with a success rate of over 98%. Patients who have had full mouth rehabilitation continue to come to our location, even if they have moved from the area. All the technology, needed, to provide an optimal result, are all in-house, here, at our facility. Our doctors (General Dentist and Specialists) all have a wealth of experience and have performed some of the most challenging of cases. We stand behind our work, as long as our patients stay up on their periodic care and exams. We look forward to the opportunity to serve your and your family's dental needs.


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