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Have you ever met someone you just knew immediately was your person? We’re sure you have since you are here now! In 2015, Paul was the photographer at Crystal’s younger brother’s wedding, where she was a bridesmaid. We had a lot of interaction throughout the wedding and from the moment we locked eyes, it was like time stood still. We knew then and there that we just hit the jackpot! Not only did we meet at a wedding but we have both been in the events industry for many years. 

Our compatibility goes much deeper than our love for one another. We share a passion and a vision on what makes an amazing partner in business and in life. Our style of shooting is often described as photo journalistic. We want to show the day as it happened. We are both motivated by the knowledge that our photos and video hold moments for people who haven’t even been born yet! Future generations will look back at times we captured and pass them on for years to come. Your wedding day will fly by and we believe photography and video is the most important piece to have. You will want to relive those details for the rest of your life. We truly believe every love story is beautiful and we can’t wait to tell yours!  


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