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Sweetflower Bakery was founded by California native and self taught pastry chef Danielle Ravitz in Spring 2018. Originally based out of San Francisco, but now operating in beautiful San Diego, California. Danielle’s passion for the culinary world started early on, with fond memories of baking with her mom as a little girl and watching her great grandmother make the perfect pie crust. Baking was in her blood but Danielle chose an alternate creative career path at first doing hair. She quickly realized that she belonged in the kitchen and started her career as a pastry chef, where Danielle learned countless techniques studying under talented bakers and cake decorators. After years perfecting her craft Danielle reached a point in her career when she was ready to start something new with her own unique vision, and Sweetflower Bakery was born.

Sweetflower Bakery is a woman owned & operated small business that specializes in bespoke cakes, cookies with unique and delicious flavor profiles, bars & more. Sweetflower Bakery uses high quality ingredients, organic and local when possible, to create decadent treats of all kinds. Hence the name, Sweetflower Bakery is highly inspired by all things nature, especially fresh flowers which you will find on most of Danielle’s cake designs.

When Danielle is not in the kitchen baking up delicious treats she can be found spending time with her loved ones, including her sweet fur babes Olive, Penny & Yuki. Danielle loves exploring the outdoors and enjoying all of the beautiful San Diego beaches, finding new hiking trails, brunching with friends, and adventuring with her soon to be husband Connor.


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