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Irelia Fine Jewelry is San Diego's Custom Engagement Ring Specialist.We design jewelry using the latest in jewelry technology.We Design, Create and Warranty each Custom Design Ring.We carry Certified Diamond from the top Gemological Institutes.

With Irelia Fine Jewelry you'll sit down with our Designer and Jeweler to create a ring specifically for you.You will learn about our Custom Design Process, View Wax Models, Try on a prototype of ring created & learn about Diamonds.Our goal is to teach you about our capability, which will inspire you in creating a one of a kind ring to fit your lifestyle.

Our Show room includes a collection of beautiful Engagement Rings with Matching wedding bands, A variety of men's wedding bands - Gold or Platinum & Contemporary Metals

Irelia Fine Warranty Each Custom Design includes:

Ring Cleaning & Polishing

Inspection of Stone Setting

Rhodium Plating

Ring Sizing

Re Tipping of Prongs


* Terms and Conditions due apply visit our website for more information


Irelia Fine Jewelry Services:


Custom Design Jewelry

Redesign Existing Jewelry


Gemological Services

Certified Diamonds

Jewelry Appraisal

Irelia Fine Jewelry Luxury Credit Card

♛♛♛ - Triple Crown Member


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