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Magic Carpet Shuttle is a family-owned business started by local entrepreneur duo Manny and Jomara Gonzalez.

In 2013 they opened East 2 West Cutz Barbershop in Oceanside and have developed it into a 16-station shop with a large footprint in the community. In 2022, Jomara having nearly 15 years of education and experience in finance and wealth management, decided and take a break from her career in Finance to pursue other ventures. After a couple of weeks of experiencing the hectic traffic at her children’s school during pick up time, since buses are no longer available in their area, she began to research how she could help other parents by safely transporting children from the neighboring homes to school and back.

As the business idea expanded, they understood the need for safe, reliable transportation in the Fallbrook area was expansive. Jomara took the helm in deciding to combine a love for wine and travel and created curated tours to highlight the region’s best offerings! Together alongside local business owners this duo looks forward to doing great things for the beautiful city of Fallbrook!


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