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Ugochi Iwuaba, an award winning international fashion designer, has been making her mark in the fashion world. Born in Nigeria and with multiple degrees in History, International Relations and Real Estates, everything pales in the face of her deep passion for fashion designing. Her first collection debuted in November 2017 at the San Diego Fashion Festival . She has since showcased at theLondon Fashion week, New York Fashion Week, Orange County Fashion Week, etc. where her designs were received with sensational awe. She currently opened her showroom in San Diego and partners with brands like Aston Martin to continue bringing great fashion to the world.


She loves to create sophisticated designs that’s are surprisingly functional and comfortable by mixing fashion design with her background in African art and history, and also by collaborating with artisans and artists from other cultures.


Her FW 2021 /22 collection ‘August Meeting’ is set to debut at the UGOCHI IWUABA X Aston Martin show this June. Ugochi Iwuaba Flagship Store opened in San Diego in 2020 and is currently located at 5080 Camino Del Arroyo. Ste. 128, San Diego CA. 92108. When she isn’t pursuing her career as a fashion designer, she is being a loving wife to her husband and mother to her three adorable children. She gets involved in her community in San Diego volunteering and mentoring young creatives at the San Diego Community College District. This is her third year supporting fashion photography at the San Diego City College


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