November 2020

November 19, 2020
November 2020 Newsletter: Live Bands & DJs

Meet San Diego live bands and DJs to offer your guests an entertaining and special experience!

Music is an absolute MUST HAVE at your wedding! It sets the tone of your special day and is entertainment both you and your guests get to enjoy together. There are great pros to both live music and DJs and we're here to help you choose the right one suited for your wedding.

How to Pick the Right DJ
DJs are the go to option for weddings! DJs are more than just music, but can serve as your hype emcee for your ceremony and reception. It's best to find a DJ that will work with you to find music you enjoy and will cater their services to fit your wedding. Our San Diego DJs are open to set up consultations with you to discuss your ideas to incorporate into their services. Match up with one of our DJs HERE.

What kind of live music is appropriate for a wedding?
What's great about weddings is its versatility in theme and tone and you can easily find live bands or musicians to fit any vision you may have. You can go from elegant harpists and string quartets for your ceremony to lively bands and singers for your reception. Many bands will take music requests on the spot too, so your guests will have the unique opportunity to experience their favorite songs live at your wedding! If bands interest you, support and check out your local San Diego bands and musicians HERE.

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