December 2012

December 18, 2012

More than 250 of San Diego's finest wedding professionals have selected their booths at the January 20th Bridal Bazaar.  If you haven't, you should probably act quickly.  We have about 50 booths left...but they won't last long.  Make sure you don't create your own financial cliff...present your business to San Diego brides at the largest bridal planning event of the year!

December 6, 2012

With all the wedding planning opportunities at your fingertips...magazines, websites, on-line searcher, Pinterest, Facebook, you name it...we are sometimes asked why attending a bridal show is useful.  The answer is simple:  Only at a bridal show can you see, smell, touch,and taste all things wedding AND you can actually talk to wedding vendors about your wedding!

We're all for the convenience the internet provides to research products, services and ideas for your wedding, but before you book anybody you'll want to meet them.   Anybody can carefully craft a website with their best (and maybe most expensive) work, but does that mean they are qualified to bring your wedding vision to life?  You can only judge that by talking with them about your objectives and hearing their ideas.  That's hard to do on-line or through emails!

In just a few hours at the January 20th Bridal Bazaar you'll see displays byover 300 of San Diego's most trusted wedding experts.  There's no better place to get inspired!  Plus you can meet and talk potential vendors to see if they are compatible with your vision.  It's an efficient and personal way to plan your wedding...and you might just save some time and money!   

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