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My name is Molly! My nana has one of those beautiful, detailed, perfect, silly, sit around the fireplace for hours kind of love stories that every now and then over a holiday, someone will ask her to tell again. Outcome the photo albums, and even though everyone in my family has heard this story and seen these photos so many times, we are captivated. What a gift it is to be able to feel the love from a time I wasn't around for. Photos remind us of what is important in a time when it is SO easy to take the best things in life for granted.
I believe with my whole heart that your love & your relationships are a work of art, and I truly want you to see your story as beautiful & unique as I see it.  My photography is honest, nostalgic, joyful & warm. Nothing fills my soul with sunshine like being around people and discovering what makes each person and each story unique and so worth remembering. I will capture that raw laughter & real, unbridled joy so that you can feel it again & again!


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